Managed OpenStack Self Service User’s Guide

The Platform9 team welcomes you to explore Clarity, the elegant and simple web-based graphical user interface from Platform9, to manage your OpenStack cloud.

As a Platform9 self service user, you can provision your own resources within the limits set by cloud administrators, with Clarity.

With a few simple clicks, your Platform9 dashboard starts offering visibility into your infrastructure across compute, storage, network, and existing workloads — and your OpenStack cloud is live.

The Platform9 Managed OpenStack Self Service User’s Guide explains how to configure the different OpenStack components in your cloud through the use of Clarity.

The scope of the guide is limited to explaining the various operations that can be performed on OpenStack resources through Clarity.

For installation, troubleshooting, and other articles, refer to the relevant sections on the Platform9 documentation website.

Intended Audience

The self service user guide is intended for a self service user who wants to use Clarity to manage OpenStack resources, provision OpenStack resources and deploy applications on an OpenStack cloud.


The user must have a basic understanding of virtualization, networking and cloud-related concepts to use this guide. An in-depth knowledge of OpenStack is not essential to the reader of this self service user guide. However, the basic concepts of OpenStack must be known to a user who uses the guide to create, configure and manage OpenStack resources through Clarity.