Platform9 VMware Beta3 Release Notes - Platform9

Platform9 VMware Beta3 Release Notes

What's New!

In-place Platform9 appliance upgrade

Starting this release, the Platform9 VMware appliance can now be upgraded in-place. This means users no longer need to manually re-download and re-deploy the Platform9 OVA appliance across upgrades.

Support for static IP address assignment to the Platform9 appliance

The Platform9 VMware appliance can now be deployed using a static IP address, in addition to DHCP. New deployments can specify the static IP details during appliance deployment, instead of having to manually configure them post-deployment.

On-demand environment discovery

Users can now force Platform9's environment discovery process to re-discover existing virtual machine instances and templates instead of waiting for the periodic task to run at its scheduled interval. This is useful in cases where a new instance or template is added to a vSphere cluster or datastore that's under Platform9's management, and it needs to show up in the Platform9 interface immediately.

Bug Fixes and Enhancements

This release also features bug-fixes and optimizations including:

Known Issues

Here's a list of known issues we are actively working on:

June 03, 2015