Platform9 OpenStack: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Platform9?

Platform9 is the simplest way for organizations to implement an OpenStack-based, agile, self-service private cloud, with intelligent self-service provisioning of workloads onto their private infrastructure. With Platform9, organizations can go from just a bunch of virtualized or non-virtualized servers to a fully operational, OpenStack-based cloud in a matter of minutes. Platform9 significantly reduces operational complexity of managing your OpenStack environment by automating all parts of private cloud management.

Platform9 is built by VMware veterans with years of experience building core virtualization and infrastructure management software. Platform9 was created with the vision to significantly reduce operational complexity in managing virtualized datacenters and transforming them into nimble, next-generation software-defined datacenters. Platform9 strives to bring enterprise-grade private cloud experience to enterprises.

Who is Platform9 suitable for?

Platform9 is designed for:

How is Platform9 different from other OpenStack offerings?

Following are the key differentiators that separate Platform9 from other similar offerings in the market.

Key Differentiators

How does Platform9 work?

When a Platform9 account is deployed for your organization, under the hood we deploy what we call a "controller" node on behalf of your account somewhere in the cloud. We then give you agents stamped with your own identity that you can deploy within your infrastructure. Once deployed, the agents make outbound connection to the cloud-based controller, creating a channel through which Platform9 is able to both discover information about your environment and configure your environment into an OpenStack-based private cloud.

November 28, 2015