Platform9 4.4 Release Notes - Platform9

Platform9 4.4 Release Notes

Below are new features, upgrades and bug fixes for the 4.4 release of Platform9 Managed Kubernetes and Managed OpenStack.

What’s Changed: Platform9 Managed Kubernetes

Added Support for Kubernetes Version 1.17.x

Platform9 now supports Kubernetes version 1.17.x. Platform9 now supports Kubernetes 1.17 Users should be aware of APIs that have moved from Beta and Extension to finalized v1 APIs. Users will need to make sure they upgrade their K8s resource objects prior to upgrading. See the Kubernetes documentation for a list of deprecated APIs

Create Cluster Wizards

We simplified the cluster setup wizards for AWS, Azure and BareOS by exposing the allow privileged containers and allow workloads on masters into their own dialog.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

What’s Changed: Platform9 Managed OpenStack

CentOS 7.8

Platform9 now supports CentOS 7.8

Usability Improvements

Added support for “Rebuild Instance” to the Instances dashboard. Users are now able to rebuild an instance from the base image in a single click. Users can now create multiple volume backed instances simultaneously

Bug Fixes and Improvements

Upgrade Notes

For the latest support matrix please visit OpenStack Support Matrix Latest

July 13, 2020