Platform9 4.3 Release Notes - Platform9

Platform9 4.3 Release Notes

Below are new features, upgrades and bug fixes for the 4.3 release of Platform9 Managed Kubernetes and Managed OpenStack.

What’s Changed: Platform9 Managed Kubernetes

Platform9 CLI Support for Ubuntu 18.04 and CentOS 7.6/7.7/7.8

Users may now use the Platform9 CLI to create BareOS clusters on supported Ubuntu and CentOS operating systems.

We’re launching a new user interface

We added a mechanism to switch to the new Platform9 user experience. Give it a try!

Added Support for Kubernetes Version 1.16.x

Platform9 now supports Kubernetes version 1.16.x. Users should be aware of APIs that have moved from Beta and Extension to finalized v1 APIs. Users will need to make sure they upgrade their K8s resource objects prior to upgrading.

See the Kubernetes documentation for a list of deprecated APIs To avoid breaking changes review this document from Kubernetes

Calico CNI - Enhanced Cluster Configuration

We have added the ability to configure Calico CNI NAT, IPinIP and Block size settings during cluster creation for BareOS and AWS Clusters.

Docker Live-Restore

Added Docker Live-Restore support. Live-Restore is now enabled by default on all new clusters.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

Resolved Issues

We resolved an issue causing users running Calico CNI in AWS to manually update Calico to enable IPinIP Encapsulation.

What’s Changed: Platform9 Managed OpenStack

Keystone v2 API no longer supported

Starting version 4.1 of PMO, support for Keystone v2 API has been dropped. PMO now supports v3 version of Keystone API only. Keystone v2 has been deprectated in upstream Keystone version starting Mitaka release of OpenStack. PMO upgraded Keystone to Pike release in PMO release 3.8. For more information on Keystone v3 API, refer to the OpenStack Documentation Here.

Cinder Override Policy

We added support to configure and persist Cinder override policies.

OpenStack on VMware Changes

VMware now supports Stein Cinder drivers.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

For the latest support matrix please visit OpenStack Support Matrix Latest

May 20, 2020