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Platform9 4.2 Release Notes

Below are new features, upgrades and bug fixes for the 4.2 release of Platform9 Managed Kubernetes and Managed OpenStack.

What’s Changed: Platform9 Managed Kubernetes

Added Support for Kubernetes Version 1.15.x

Platform9 now supports Kubernetes 1.15.x. Upgrades and new deployments will deploy Kubernetes version 1.15.

Ubuntu 18.04 Support

Platform9 now supports running Kubernetes nodes on Ubuntu 18.04.

Early Access - API for Calico BGP Configuration

Platform9 has added a Calico API endpoint as part of our Early Access Program. The Calico API has been built to enable BGP support within Kubernetes Clusters. Features in Early Access are not supported in production environments.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

Known Issues

When using Calico CNI in AWS users must manually update Calico to enable IP in IP Encapsulation to ensure Pod to Pod communication across AZs.

What’s Changed: Platform9 Managed OpenStack

Keystone v2 API no longer supported

Starting version 4.1 of PMO, support for Keystone v2 API has been dropped. PMO now supports v3 version of Keystone API only. Keystone v2 has been deprectated in upstream Keystone version starting Mitaka release of OpenStack. PMO upgraded Keystone to Pike release in PMO release 3.8. For more information on Keystone v3 API, refer to the OpenStack Documentation Here.

Cinder has been upgraded to Stein

Cinder has been upgraded to Stein, this enables support for multiple new backend storage targets and resolves a number of bugs.

Glance has been upgraded to Stein

Glance has been upgraded to Stein. The OpenStack community has squashed a few bugs and improved stability.

Ubuntu 18.04 Support

Platform9 now supports running OpenStack on Ubuntu 18.04.

Bare Metal Support

Enabled direct deploy support for bare metal nodes in Ironic. Added iPXE support to Ironic conductor/inspector as the new default.

Change in behavior with Nova overcommit ratios

Starting in Ocata, there is a behavior change where aggregate-based overcommit ratios will no longer be honored during scheduling for the FilterScheduler. Instead, overcommit values must be set on a per-compute-node basis in the Nova configuration files.

Cinder V1 API no longer supported

Nova no longer supports the deprecated Cinder v1 API. Nova is now configured to use the v3 version of the Cinder API by default and is backward compatible with the v2 API.

Live migration of NUMA instances disabled by default

Live migration of instances with NUMA topologies is now disabled by default when using the libvirt driver. This includes live migration of instances with CPU pinning or hugepages.

Nova live snapshot feature

Nova now defaults to using the live snapshot feature of libvirt when taking snapshots. This was previously disabled by default due to crashes on load seen with older libvirt versions.

noVNC version v1.1.0

Added support for noVNC version v1.1.0 for VNC consoles.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

A bug has been fixed that was impacting scheduling of resources.

For the latest support matrix please visit OpenStack Support Matrix Latest

March 17, 2020