Platform9 4.1 Release Notes - Platform9

Platform9 4.1 Release Notes

Below are new features, upgrades and bug fixes for the 4.1 release of Platform9 Managed Kubernetes and Managed OpenStack.

Platform9 Managed Kubernetes What’s Changed

Added Support for Kubernetes Versions Version 1.14.x

Platform9 now supports Kubernetes 1.14.x. Upgrades and new deployments will deploy Kubernetes version 1.14.8

Docker Upgraded to Version 18.09.9 and RUNC to 1.2.11

To address CVEs Docker and RUNC have been upgraded.

Added Support for Native ETCD Backup

Platform9 will now backup ETCD. This can be enabled during cluster creation by specifying the backup directory and backup interval.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

This release includes multiple bug fixes and improvements. Here are a few significant ones.

Platform9 Managed OpenStack What’s Changed

Keystone v2 API no longer supported

Starting version 4.1 of PMO, support for Keystone v2 API has been dropped. PMO now supports v3 version of Keystone API only. Keystone v2 has been deprectated in upstream Keystone version starting Mitaka release of OpenStack. PMO upgraded Keystone to Pike release in PMO release 3.8. For more information on Keystone v3 API, refer to the OpenStack Documentation Here.

We added search to filter the tenant and region dropdowns to make it easier to navigate large environments.

iSCSI CIDR support for Pure Storage FlashArray

Cinder PureStorage driver support for this feature was backported from the Train release of OpenStack. This allows setting a network CIDR for iSCSI target connection when using the Cinder driver for PureStorage.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

For the latest support matrix please visit OpenStack Support Matrix Latest

February 28, 2020