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Platform9 3.11 release notes

Platform9 Managed Kubernetes

Following is the feature list for the 3.11 release of Platform9 Managed Kubernetes.

1. CoreDNS Support

As part of moving towards v1.13 of Kubernetes, Platform9 now supports CoreDNS, by default, in 3.11 clusters.

On upgrading to 3.11, KubeDNS is automatically replaced with CoreDNS for clusters that have been deployed before the 3.11 release.

2. UI-Based RBAC for K8s

Users are able to take advantage of Kubernetes RBAC functionality in the UI. This allows users to create Roles, RoleBindings, ClusterRoles, RoleBindings. With this, users can apply granular operations and permissions to various users and groups across multiple clusters and namespaces. This can be done without any YAML configurations in the CLI, and is designed for scaled permissions across multiple environments simultaneously.

3. Calico General Availability

Calico backend is now GA.

4. Canal (BETA) CNI Support

Platform9 has added support for Canal CNI plugin as a backend during cluster configuration. Managed Kubernetes now supports Calico, Flannel, and Canal.

5. Custom AMI Support

Users are able to specify their own AMI that is to be used for the Kubernetes cluster during cluster provisioning.

6. etcd v3 Migration

New clusters created on 3.11 use etcd v3 as the primary datastore for Kubernetes. Existing clusters go through an etcd version migration during a cluster upgrade. Once the entire cluster’s rolling upgrade has completed, the control plane that comprises the masters is brought down for the etcd v2 to etcd v3 data migration.

The Kubernetes API server is unavailable until the etcd data migration is complete. Once the etcd data migration completes, the masters are brought back up.

If you have further questions related to etcd v3 migration, reach out to Platform9 Support before upgrading your clusters.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

This release contains several performance optimizations and bug fixes, which results in a better user experience for your Platform9 cloud platform. Some significant ones are listed below.

Platform9 Managed OpenStack

Following is the feature list for the 3.11 release of Platform9 Managed OpenStack.

1. Event & Alerting Logging for Auditing

New in 3.11 is the ability to enable logging for events and alerts for the following.

2. Early Access: SR-IOV Support

Network sensitive workloads and Virtualized Network Functions (VNF) can now be deployed and leverage SR-IOV compatible physical network interface cards for faster performance and lower latency.

3. Gravatar Profiles

Users that have configured a Gravatar image can now see their image within their Platform9 profile.

4. vSphere 6.7 Support

Platform9 has tested and certified the release for vSphere version 6.7

5. Network Enhancement: Open vSwitch High Availability using VRRP Support

Users can now configure layer-3 high availability to support active-active routers

6. Hypervisor Package Version Requirements

Upgrade the following packages on your hypervisor after the Platform9 upgrade to 3.11.

KVM Libvirt, QEMU and OVS Package Versions:

For CentOS 7.x the qemu-kvm-ev package must be installed replacing the deprecated qemu-kvm package. The Platform9 OVS package repository hosts 2 versions available for use; current LTS version 2.5.8 and latest version 2.11.1.

For more details on OVS see

Bug Fixes and Improvements

June 03, 2019