Platform9 3.11 release notes - Platform9

Platform9 3.11 release notes

Platform9 Managed Kubernetes

1. CoreDNS Support

As part of moving towards v1.13 of Kubernetes, Platform9 will now be supporting CoreDNS for use by default in 3.11 clusters. For clusters deployed pre-3.11, upgrading to 3.11 will automatically replace KubeDNS with CoreDNS.

2. UI-Based RBAC for K8s

Users will now be able to take advantage of Kubernetes RBAC functionality in the UI. This will allow users to create Roles, RoleBindings, ClusterRoles, RoleBindings, and apply granular operations and permissions to various users and groups across multiple clusters and namespaces. This is done without needing to do any YAML configurations in the CLI and is designed for scaled permissions across multiple environments simultaneously.

3. Calico General Availability

Calico backend is now GA. Note: Upgrading existing Calico clusters to 3.11 is not supported.

4. Canal (BETA) CNI Support

Platform9 has added support for Canal CNI plugin as a backend during cluster configuration. Managed Kubernetes now supports Calico, Flannel, and Canal

5. Custom AMI Support

Users will be able to specify their own AMI to be used during cluster provisioning for the Kubernetes cluster. Note: CentOS 7 and Ubuntu 16.04 are the only supported operating systems

6. Bug Fixes and Improvements

This release contains several performance optimizations and bug fixes, which should result in a better user experience for your Platform9 cloud platform. Some significant ones are listed below.

Platform9 Managed OpenStack

1. Event & Alerting Logging for Auditing

New in 3.11 is the ability to enable logging for events and alerts for:

2. SR-IOV Support via Openstack APIs

Network sensitive workloads and Virtualized Network Functions (VNF) can now be deployed and leverage SR-IOV compatible physical network interface cards for faster performance and lower latency.

3. Gravatar Profiles

Users that have configured a Gravatar image will now see their image within their Platform9 profile

4. vSphere 6.7 Support

Platform9 has tested and certified vSphere version 6.7

5. Network Enhancement: Open vSwitch High Availability using VRRP Support

Users can now configure layer-3 high availability to support active-active routers

6. Bug Fixes and Improvements

June 03, 2019