Platform9 Managed OpenStack prerequisites for Linux/KVM

This Tutorial describes the prerequisites for setting up Platform9 Managed OpenStack with Linux/KVM.

Minimal Configuration (POC/Trial)

Following is a minimal configuration to enable a Platform9 Managed OpenStack POC/Trial deployment. We recommend reading rest of this page even when creating a minimal setup.



Configure your servers with atleast some local storage to get started with Platform9. Platform9 Managed OpenStack can work with following storage options for storing Virtual Machines and Images:

Even if you plan to use OpenStack Cinder for block storage, you will need to configure your hypervisors with some local or shared storage for:


Depending on your Neutron networking configuration, you might either designate one or more servers as dedicated network nodes, or distribute networking capabilities across all your servers (more details on this in Configuring Neutron Settings).

Regardless of your configuration, all your network nodes and/or hypervisors should have the following networking config:

Configure Networking

Follow these guides to configure the required prerequisites based on your Operating System of choice.

November 04, 2016