Integrating OpenStack Omni with Amazon Web Services through Platform9 Managed OpenStack

Platform9 supports integration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) through the OpenStack Omni (Omni) project. With Omni, you can manage your on-premise resources and public cloud resources through a single user interface provided by Platform9 Clarity UI.

Omni integrates with AWS to facilitate hybrid cloud management through Platform9 Clarity UI.

You must perform the following steps to integrate Omni with AWS through Platform9 Clarity UI.

  • Create a new tenant that represents a customer

  • Create a credential for the tenant created in the aforementioned step

A credential represents authentication information used to authenticate with AWS. A credential enables you to create and manage AWS resources for the tenant. In other words, credential creation for a tenant is the prerequisite to creating AWS resources.

You must have administrator rights to perform Omni integration with AWS.

Follow the steps given below to integrate Omni with AWS.

  1. Obtain the AWS Identity Access Management (IAM) policy available on the Platform9 GitHub repository.
  2. Log in to your AWS environment as an administrator, and create a new policy by copy-pasting the contents of the policy obtained from the Platform9 GitHub repository.
  3. Log in to Platform9 Clarity UI as an administrator, and navigate to Tenants & Users>Tenants tab.
  4. Click Create Tenant to create a new tenant. Follow the Platform9 Clarity UI workflow to create a new tenant with the options you wish to choose for tenant creation.
  5. Click Create Tenant to finish the process and create the tenant.
  6. Navigate to Tenants & Users>Credential tab.
  7. Click New Credential to create a new credential.
  8. Enter the AWS Access Key ID, AWS Secret Access Key, and select the tenant created in the previous step.
  9. Click Create Credential to create the credential.

Once this is done, Omni automatically discovers the existing AWS resources from your AWS account. Thereafter, you can configure and manage AWS resources such as networks and volumes through Platform9 Clarity UI.