Enabling High Availability on Availability Zones in Platform9 Managed OpenStack

Platform9 supports virtual machine high availability for OpenStack availability zones.

To enable high availability, you must first create an availability zone and then enable this availability zone to ensure high availability.

You must be an administrator to create host aggregates, create an availability zone, and enable high availability on an availability zone.

Create Availability Zone

To create an availability zone, follow the steps given below.

  1. Click Infrastructure in the left panel.
  2. Click the Host Aggregates tab. Add new host aggregate
  3. Click Add a New Host Aggregate. Add new host aggregate and availability zone
  4. Enter the aggregate name in Name.
  5. Select the Create new availability zone.
  6. Enter the name of the new availability zone in Availability Zone Name.
  7. Select the check boxes for the hosts to be included in the host aggregate from the list of hosts.
  8. Click Create Host Aggregates.

An availability zone is created.

If you have created a new availability zone, the new availability zone is visible under Infrastructure>Host Aggregates>Availability Zones.

Enable High Availability

Once an availability zone has been created, you can enable virtual machine high availability for all instances running within the selected availability zone.

To enable high availability, follow the steps given below.

  1. Click Infrastructure in the left panel.
  2. Click the Host Aggregates tab.
  3. Click the Availability Zones tab. Enable availability zone
  4. Select an availability zone from the list of availability zones.
  5. Click Enable.

High availability is now enabled on the selected availability zone. Applications requiring high availability should be deployed into the availability zone.

Once high availability is enabled on the availability zone, you may view the status of the HA cluster under the High Availability column.

Availability zone info

View Consul Information

Consul is a service that provides the health status of each host in the availability zone. The Consul agent runs in a client or server mode on each host. When a new host is added to the availability zone, it is automatically registered on the Consul cluster. For more information on Consul, refer to the Consul website.

To view consul information about hosts in the high availability zone, click the Availability Zone link in the list of availability zones seen under Infrastructure>Host Aggregates>Availability Zones tab.

Availability zone info