How To Create a new Amazon AWS Cloud Provider for Managed Kubernetes

Managed Kubernetes supports adding Amazon AWS as a cloud provider. Once added, you can perform easy one-click deployment of new Kubernetes clusters into AWS and easily scale the clusters up or down as your workloads change.


Following prerequisites must be followed before adding your Amazon AWS account as a cloud provider to Managed Kubernetes and creating new clusters.

1. Choose a compatible set of AWS credentials

2. Choose compatible AWS Region

AWS limits the number of VPCs in a region to 5. If you deploy a cluster using the "Create New VPC" option, you must ensure the destination region has enough VPC capacity.

Creating a New AWS Cloud Provider

1. Navigate to the 'Infrastructure' menu, then the 'Cloud Providers' tab. Click on creating a new cloud provider.


2. Select 'Amazon AWS Provider' as your cloud provider. Specify AWS access key and secret key.

Read here for information on how to find your AWS access and secret key for your AWS account.


3. That's it. You AWS cloud provider is now created. The next step is to auto-deploy a new cluster on this cloud provider.

November 17, 2016