Scale Cluster

You can scale a Kubernetes cluster created on Amazon Web Services(AWS) cloud provider when you want to add new worker nodes to the cluster.

If the Kubernetes cluster has apps with flexible requirements with respect to compute capacity, functionality, or price, you can enable and use spot workers. Spot workers are related to spot instances on Amazon EC2. For details on spot instances, refer to Amazon EC2 documentation.

You must be an administrator to perform this operation.

Follow the steps given below to scale a cluster created on AWS.

  1. Navigate to Infrastructure>Cluster.
  2. Select the AWS-based cluster that you wish to scale.
  3. Click Scale Cluster seen above the list of clusters. Scale Cluster
  4. Enter the Number of Worker Nodes.
  5. If you wish to enable spot workers, select the Enable Spot Workers check box. This is an optional step.
  6. If you have enabled spot workers, use the slider to choose the Percent of Worker Nodes as Spot Instances. This is an optional step, and is relevant only if you want to dynamically allocate additional resources for the apps running on the cluster.
  7. If you have enabled spot workers, enter the Spot Price that you are willing to pay in US Dollars, per instance hour.
  8. Click Scale Cluster.

You can, thus, scale a cluster on AWS cloud provider.