About Regions and Tenants

Regions and Tenants are used to provide logical segregation of cloud resources.


A region refers to the geographical location of the data center that houses the physical servers or hosts that are used to create resources for consumption by Kubernetes clusters.

For example, a Platform9 Managed AWS-based Kubernetes cluster would refer to an EC2 region.

Regions are pre-defined on public clouds or private clouds. Regions cannot be created through the Platform9 Clarity UI; they are listed on the Platform9 Clarity UI, and can be selected to create resources within that region.


A cloud setup can have multiple tenants. A tenant can available resources such as compute capacity, block storage, networks, and flavors available in the region in which the tenant is created.

Tenants are based on Single Sign On (SSO) logins for the Platform9 Clarity UI and provide logical isolation for users across clusters above the Kubernetes control plane - they are not based in Kubernetes specific multi-tenancy concepts.