Create Cluster with Amazon Web Services

You can create a Kubernetes cluster on Amazon Web Services (AWS) with Platform9 Clarity UI.

Follow the steps given below to create a Kubernetes cluster on AWS, through the Platform9 Clarity UI.

  1. Navigate to Kubernetes>Infrastructure>Clusters.
  2. Click Add Cluster. Add Cluster
  3. Select an option corresponding to Amazon Web Services for Cloud Provider.
  4. Enter the cluster name in Name.
  5. Select Region and Availability Zones.
  6. Select the Operating System and click Next. Cluster configuration
  7. Select the Master Node Instance Type, Worker Node Instance Type.
  8. Enter the Number of Master Nodes and the Number of Worker Nodes.
  9. Select Disable Workloads on Master Nodes. This is a recommended step for the stability of the cluster.
  10. Select Spot Workers if required. This is an optional step.
  11. Click Next. Configure Network backend
  12. Select Domain and Network.
  13. Select the Deploy Nodes using Public Subnet check box, if you want to deploy nodes in a public subnet.
  14. Enter API FQDN, Services FQDN, Containers CIDR, Services CIDR.
  15. Select the HTTP proxy check box, if an HTTP proxy is to be used for the cluster. If you select the HTTP proxy check box, specify the credentials in the following format.<scheme>://<username>:<password>@<host>:<port>
  16. Select the Configure Network Backend check box and select Calico or Flannel as the Network Backend. Once this is selected, Calico or Flannel is enabled when the cluster is created.
  17. Click Next. Review Cluster
  18. Review the cluster configuration and click Create Cluster.

The cluster is created on AWS.

You can deploy your applications on the newly created Kubernetes cluster.