Add Amazon Web Services Cloud Provider

You must have the Amazon Web Services (AWS) account credentials to be able to connect to AWS as a cloud provider.

The following permissions are required on your AWS account in order to deploy fully automated Managed Kubernetes clusters.

  • ELB Management
  • Route 53 DNS Configuration
  • Access to 2 or more Availability Zones within the region
  • EC2 Instance Management
  • EBS Volume Management
  • VPC Management

You must be an administrator to perform this operation.

Follow the steps given below to add AWS as cloud provider.

  1. Navigate to Infrastructure>Cloud Providers>Add New Cloud Provider.
  2. Click Amazon Web Services under Cloud Provider Type.
  3. Enter the following AWS credentials.

    Field Description
    Name Name of your choice to be given to the cloud provider
    AWS Access Key ID Access Key ID provided by AWS
    AWS Secret Access Key Secret Access Key provided by AWS
  4. Click Save.

The AWS cloud provider is created successfully, and you are now ready to create Kubernetes clusters on the AWS cloud provider.