Edit Security Groups for Instance

You can edit the security groups assigned to an instance. You can assign multiple security groups to an instance. When multiple security groups are assigned to an instance, traffic is allowed if any rule in any of the assigned security groups permits the traffic. In general, security groups are used to create rules to allow network traffic-any traffic that is not allowed is implicitly denied. The default security group provided by OpenStack allows only outbound traffic from an instance-inbound traffic is not permitted.

You must be a self-service user or an administrator to perform this operation.

To edit security groups for an instance, follow the steps given below.

  1. Log in to Clarity.
  2. Click Instances in the left panel.
  3. Select the checkbox for the instance for which you wish to edit the security groups. Edit Security Group
  4. Click Network on the toolbar seen above the list of instances.
  5. Click Edit Security Groups.
  6. Select or deselect the security groups, as necessary.
  7. Click Save.

The deselected security groups are unassigned from the instance, while the selected security groups are assigned to the instance.