A tenant comprises a group of users that share common resources across CPU, memory, storage and network. A tenant generally refers to a group of users belonging to an organization or a department within an organization. Any Platform9 cloud may have multiple tenants configured.

When you create a tenant, you must specify the quotas assigned to the tenant, the list of users for the tenant, the networks and the flavors that the available for use to the tenant.

You can create tenants for a temporary duration. The tenant is automatically deleted after the specified number of days of the tenant creation.


A region within your Platform9 private cloud represents two primary characteristics of your cloud; the first being a physical location, the second is the type of computing resource be it KVM on CentOS, KVM on Ubuntu, VMware or bare metal servers.

Regions in your Platform9 cloud are deployed during your Platform9 onboarding and initial setup, expanding your cloud by adding in additional regions can be achieved through by opening a help desk request with Platform9 Support.