About Clarity

Clarity is the web-based user interface from Platform9 that assists you to effortlessly set up an OpenStack cloud environment per your requirements, and quickly deploy your applications on the OpenStack cloud. Clarity provides an easy-to-use web interface with which you can configure and set up your OpenStack cloud and manage the resources related to the OpenStack cloud. You must obtain your login credentials from your cloud administrator to get started with Clarity UI.

You can sign in to Clarity UI by using one of the following methods.

Clarity provides a convenient and user-friendly means to manage your OpenStack cloud, be it public, private, or hybrid.

You can create and manage OpenStack resources such as Cinder volumes, Glance images, Neutron networks, Murano applications, Murano environments, and manage orchestration with Heat templates.

Concept Diagram

The following table enumerates the OpenStack projects associated with the respective services seen in the concept diagram above.

OpenStack Project Service Offered Description
Keystone Identity service Authenticates clients and authorizes clients for all OpenStack-related operations
Cinder Block Storage Provides on-demand access to block storage resources
Glance Image service Manages bootable disk images and metadata definitions
Neutron Networking Manages networking resources through abstraction
Nova Compute service Provides on-demand access to compute resources such as bare metal, virtual machines, and containers
Swift Object Storage Provides service for storage and retrieval of digital content
Murano Application Catalog Facilitates management of environment for application deployment
Heat Orchestration Orchestrates composite cloud applications by using YAML-based templates to invoke OpenStack APIs


Clarity provides the following benefits.

  • Intuitive web-based user interface makes life easy for self-service users and cloud administrators.
  • Configuration, allocation, and management of cloud compute, storage, and networking resources can be done at the click of a button, rather than invoking OpenStack API calls.
  • Effortless cloud orchestration helps to set up the cloud within minutes.
  • In-depth knowledge of OpenStack is not required to use Clarity.