This tutorial describes how to extract RPM and Debian packages from the Platform9 installer.

Step 1 - Run the Platform9 Installer with the ‘–extract’ Option

On the terminal, run the installer for the platform of your choice with the --extract option. In the case of CentOS/Redhat/Scientific Linux:

sudo bash --extract

Step 2 - Switch to the Extraction Directory and Copy Packages from the Extracted Archive

On the terminal, locate a temporary directory with path /tmp/pf9-install-XXXXX where XXXXX is a randomly generated set of characters, and then copy the RPM or Deb packages from there to your chosen location.

There is an important sequence of steps you need to follow to ensure the Platform9 host agent is installed and started correctly. Please refer to Installing RPM and Debian Packages Manually or Through a Configuration Management Tool for specific instructions on how to activate the Platform9 host agent.