About Advanced Remote Support

In exceptional circumstances, it is sometimes useful to enable the advanced remote support (ARS) mechanism to troubleshoot problems that are related to your OpenStack infrastructure.

The advanced remote support mechanism allows a Platform9 Support engineer to securely log in to your host to analyze and fix issues.

The Advanced Remote Support feature is based on SSH. When you enable the Advanced Remote Support, the feature exposes your host to SSH login from the Platform9 network only.

The feature leverages the existing secure connection of the host to the Platform9 cloud controller, and does not require any firewall changes to your host or network.

If you wish to remotely control the apps running on instances running on OpenStack, you must enable VNC on KVM or VMware, as the case may be. Refer to Enabling VNC on VMware deployment for VMware deployments. For KVM deployments, refer to Enabling VNC on KVM instances.

Enable Advanced Remote Support for Platform9 on Host

To gather certain types of information, it is sometimes helpful for a Platform9 support engineer that logs in as pf9, to run commands with elevated privileges through the sudo utility.

A Platform9 support engineer cannot log in interactively to your Linux host, by default.

You must enable advanced remote support for Platform9 support to be able to remotely log in to your Linux host. This can be done by editing the host configuration.

The following is required for Advanced Remote Support feature to work.

  • sudo must be enabled for Platform9.
  • sudo must allow a Platform9 to authenticate without a password, since Advanced Remote Support uses one-time SSH keys for login, and Platform9 does not have a password, by default.

Before enabling advanced remote support, do the following.

  • Communicate with your Platform9 support representative to securely exchange the Platform9 user’s password.
  • Identify the host that should be logged in to, by sharing the contents of the host’s /etc/pf9/host_id.conf file or the host’s hostname.
  • Agree on a time window for a support engineer to log in to the host.

To enable Advanced Remote Support, follow the steps given below.

  1. Log in to Clarity.
  2. Click Infrastructure in the left panel.
  3. Click the Hosts tab.
  4. Select the Host for which you wish to enable Advanced Remote Support, and click Configure Host seen in the toolbar above the list of hosts.
  5. Click the Hypervisor tab. Enable remote support
  6. Select the Yes check box for Enable Advanced Remote Support.
  7. Click Update Hypervisor details.

Advanced Remote Support is enabled and a Platform9 support engineer can log in remotely to your host appliance.