Deauthorize Host

When you want to stop managing an authorized host from Platform9, you can deauthorize the host.

When you deauthorize a host, the host is removed from Platform9, along with all the virtual machines running on that host.

If you wish to fully remove the host from Platform9, you must uninstall the Platform9 agent from the host.

You cannot deauthorize a host if it is a part of a host aggregate. If you wish to deactivate the host, you must first delete the host aggregate.

The following impact is observed on deauthorizing a host.

  • The running VM and the VM data remain intact on the hypervisor. After deauthorization, you can make changes to the VM by using libvirt.
  • Virtual machines running on the host lose network connectivity if Neutron is being used to manage flows.
  • Any Cinder volumes connected to virtual machines are disconnected.

Removing the image library role from a host causes the following side effects.

  • Images in the current Image folder are no longer available for VM provisioning.
  • Any virtual machines that have been created with images in the current image library no longer have any associated images.
  • New VM provisioning are disabled until you assign the image library role to a new host.
  • Any VMs created using snapshots from your current image library may experience issues.

You must be an administrator to perform this operation.

To deauthorize a host, follow the steps given below.

  1. Log in to Clarity.
  2. Click Infrastructure in the left panel.
  3. Click the Hosts tab.
  4. Select the host to deauthorize from the list of hosts.
  5. Click Deauthorize Host.
  6. Click Deauthorize Host on the message if you are sure that you want to deauthorize the host.

The selected host is deauthorized.