Create Host Aggregate

You can create a host aggregate by grouping multiple hosts that share a common capability.

You must be a PMO administrator to perform this operation.

To add a host aggregate, follow the steps given below.

  1. Log in to Clarity.
  2. Click Infrastructure in the left panel.
  3. Click the Host Aggregates tab.
  4. Click Add a New Host Aggregate.
  5. Enter the aggregate name in Name.
  6. Select the Create new availability zone if there is no existing availability zone or if you wish to create a new availability zone. This is an optional step. Enter the name of the new availability zone in Availability Zone Name.
  7. Click Add key-value metadata to add SSH key value pairs to access the host aggregate. Repeat the step to add the required number of SSH key-value pairs.
  8. Select the check boxes for the hosts to be included in the host aggregate from the list of hosts.
  9. Click Create Host Aggregates.

A host aggregate is created.

If you have created a new availability zone, the newly created availability zone is visible under Infrastructure -> Host Aggregates -> Availability Zones.