Authorize Host

You cannot use a newly added host to create and manage OpenStack resources, unless you authorize the host.

Once a host is successfully added, you can authorize the host. During the process of authorization you must configure the host based on the OpenStack service or services that it is to cater to.

You can install one or more OpenStack services on a host. For example, if the host is a hypervisor, OpenStack uses the hypervisor to create the virtual machine(VM) instances. When you are configuring the host, you must configure the hypervisor parameters.

To authorize a host, follow the steps given below.

  1. Click Dashboard in the left panel and click Authorize Host on the notification titled Authorize newly added hosts. Authorize Host
  2. Click Authorize for the newly added host.
  3. Configure the Networking settings for the host.
  4. Configure the Hypervisor options for the host.
  5. Configure the Image Library options for the host.
  6. Configure the Block Storage options for the host.

Once the above steps are complete, the host is authorized.