Cloud-init has emerged to the be de-facto multi-distribution package that handles early initialization of a cloud instance. For more information on cloud-init, refer here:

This tutorial describes how to prepare a Ubuntu 12.04 LTS image using cloud-init.

In this tutorial, we offer a patch specific to the cloud-init version corresponding to 12.04 which addresses these issues.

Step 1 - Get the Prerequisites

Download Ubuntu 12.04 cloud image for your configuration. We recommend using 12.04.4.

Download the attached patch and deb file for Ubuntu 12.04 cloud-init package 0.6.3_1.15.

Step 2 - Prepare Ubuntu 12.04 Image with Cloud-init

Boot the Ubuntu cloud image. (You might want to look at this gist:

Copy the attached deb file that we previously download into the instance.

Uninstall existing version of cloud-init, and install the new package just copied.

# remove existing cloud-init
apt-get remove cloud-init
#install the new cloud-init
dpkg -i cloud-init_0.6.3-0ubuntu1.15_all.deb

Optional - Download Prebuilt Images

Navigate to Images > Download Prebuilt Images. Find the desired image and click Download.