You can run the required OpenStack commands directly on a Docker Container. For this, you must download the OpenStack CLI Docker container.

Follow the steps given below to download the OpenStack CLI for Docker.

  1. Download the OpenStack RC file from the Clarity UI, and save it as openstack.rc.
  2. Convert the file to a usable Docker environment file.
    # BSD sed (i.e., macOS)
    sed -i '' -E "s/(^export |[\"'$\{}]|OS_PROJECT_DOMAIN_ID:-)//g" openstack.rc
    # GNU sed (i.e., Linux)
    sed --in-place --regexp-extended "s/(^export |[\"'$\{}]|OS_PROJECT_DOMAIN_ID:-)//g" openstack.rc
  3. Download the OpenStack CLI container.
    docker pull platform9/openstack-cli
  4. Run the following command to start the container.
    docker run --env-file openstack.rc -it platform9/openstack-cli

You are now ready to run OpenStack CLI commands directly from within a Docker container.