Add and Deploy Application to Environment

Once an environment has been created, you can add applications to the environment.

The application that you want to add must be present in the application catalog. If the application is not present in the application catalog, first import the application into the application catalog.

All other virtual resources such as the image, network, SSH key-pair, flavors that are essential for the application deployment in an environment must be available before the application can be added to and deployed in an environment.

You can add an application to an environment in two ways.

  • Add an application from Applications>Applications>Application Catalog
  • Add an application from Applications>Environments

You must be a self-service user or an administrator to perform this operation.

To add an application to an environment from Applications>Environments, follow the steps given below.

  1. Log in to Clarity.
  2. Click Applications in the left panel and then click Environments.
  3. Click Add New Application in the Environment tile for the environment to which you want to add the application. Add and Deploy App
  4. Select the application and click Next.
  5. Enter or select the following details.

    Field Description
    Application Name The name of the application
    Key Name The name of the SSH public key to use for secure communication between the application and other resources in the environment
    Image The image from which a virtual machine instance must be spawned for the application to run on
    Flavor The flavor to use based on CPU and memory resources required
    Network The network that the application uses for communication with other resources
  6. Click Deploy.

The application is successfully deployed in the environment.

You can create an orchestration template and launch the application in the environment.