In the recent years, Kubernetes has become the de-facto standard platform for running applications deployed as cloud-native micro-services. Its popularity is driven by its many benefits, including:

  1. Cloud-native design: Kubernetes encourages a modular, distributed architecture which increases the agility, availability, and scalability of the application.
  2. Portability: Kubernetes works exactly the same way, using the same images and configuration, no matter which cloud provider or data-center environment is being used.
  3. Open-source: Kubernetes is an open-source platform that developers can use without concerns of lock-in and is the most widely validated in the market today.

Platform9 delivers Kubernetes with a powerful SaaS hosted control plane that guarantees 24x7x365 SLA for your Kubernetes environment and works across any infrastructure: on-prem data centers, public clouds, and edge data centers.

Single pane of glass visibility across private and public clouds

Platform9 Managed Kubernetes is designed to give you shared visibility and control of all of your Kubernetes clusters via a single pane of glass interface and set of APIs. Platform9’s self-service portal lets your organization standardize on a single self-service interface for your developers, DevOps, Platform ops and IT teams. IT and ops teams get to retain control by defining multi-tenancy, adding granular RBAC policies and visibility and security rules.

Managed Kubernetes provides you access to pure upstream open source Kubernetes on any of your existing or new environments. With Platform9, you can run Kubernetes clusters on your bare metal linux servers, VMware, on-premises data centers across geographical regions, on any popular public cloud, or at an edge location.

  • Centrally manage your Kubernetes clusters, running on a wide variety of private and public clouds, or bare metal servers

Multi-tenancy and powerful access controls

  • Ensures compliance, security and auditability across all your Kubernetes clusters and infrastructure supporting them
  • Define RBAC policies via UI across all clusters
  • SSO with SAML and LDAP integration
  • PCI compliance certification

Application catalog with a variety of apps

Managed Kubernetes comes with a built-in application catalog that provides a number of community built and Platform9 certified applications that developers and devops can use for common use cases. Administrators can also customize the application catalog with only apps that are certified to be used within the organization. With the application catalog, you can simplify a lot of commonly performed Kubernetes operations such as enabling monitoring, logging, audit tracing and CI/CD for your containerized applications out of box.

24x7 Live monitoring and management of your Kubernetes clusters

Platform9 provides 24x7 continuous management of your on-prem or public cloud based Kubernetes deployment using our SaaS-based management service. This model enables you to solve your day-2 operational challenges with Kubernetes by providing:

  • Guaranteed 99.9% uptime SLA for your Kubernetes clusters
  • Round the clock real-time monitoring and anomaly detection. Automated diagnostics, alerts, and troubleshooting
  • Zero-touch upgrades and security patches for Kubernetes clusters
  • 24×7 with proactive remediation with help from certified Kubernetes experts