Enabling Monitoring on Platform9 Managed Kubernetes

There are two options to enable Monitoring on Platform9 Kubernetes.

  1. During Cluster Creation
  2. Post Cluster Creation

Enable Monitoring During CLuster Creation

During the create a new cluster wizard an option will be presented to enable a number of Platform9 Kubernetes extensions, Monitoring is one of these extensions. To ensure Monitoring is enabled leave the “Enable Monitoring with Prometheus” box checked.

Once the cluster has been deployed Platform9 will automatically deploy Monitoring by creating a new Namspance ‘pf9-monitoring’ and leverage a Kubernetes operator to deploy Prometheus, Alertmanager and Grafana.


If you uncheck the “Enable Monitoring with Prometheus” box a warning will display informing you that monitoring will be disabled on this cluster. If monitoring is disabled the Platform9 Monitoring features will not function and the Monitoring dashboards will not populate with any data.


Enable Monitoring Post CLuster Creation

Monitoring may be enabled on any cluster at anytime directly from the Clusters tab on the Infrastructure page. To enable Monitoring select the target cluster and click the Monitoring action in the table header. This will open a popup to confirm the action, within the popup, click Enable.


To enable Monitoring click “Enable”. platform9--add-monitoring-popup