What is the Platform9 Managed Kubernetes Freedom Plan?

The Platform9 Managed Kubernetes Freedom Plan is our free-forever plan that provides access to many of the core features of Platform9 Managed Kubernetes. Enabling you to deploy, upgrade and manage your Kubernetes clusters from one central location. Freedom Plan supports up to 2 Clusters with a maximum of 10 nodes each (tip! 3 Masters + 7 Workers is a perfect combination) on BareOS, AWS and Azure.

We built the Freedom Plan to enable developers, DevOps, ITOps, really anyone, to experience burden free kubernetes infrastructure.

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How is the Freedom Plan Different from PMK Paid Plans?

The Platform9 Managed Kubernetes Paid Plans (PMK) are our fully managed Kubernetes offerings that have no cluster limits, an availability SLA and access to our Kubernetes certified support team who proactively maintain your environments and are on-call to fix your Kubernetes infrastructure issues when you need them. The Freedom Plan enables you to experience many of the Platform9 Managed Kubernetes features with supported provided by our community of users. You can ask questions on the Platform9 Community, reach out on Slack or send an email to Platform9 Free Tier Questions

Below is a comparison of PMK Paid Plans and Freedom Plan capabilities.

Deployment PMK Freedom Plan PMK Paid Plans
API (CI/CD & Automation) Yes Qbert API Yes Qbert API
Fully Automated K8s Install Yes PF9-CLI Yes PF9-CLI
Autoscaling Yes Yes
Scale BareOS (VM's/Bare Metal) Yes Yes
Load Balancers Yes Yes
CNI Support Yes Yes
Total Number of Clusters 2 Unlimited*
Master Nodes per Cluster 1, 3 or 5 Unlimited*
Worker Nodes per Cluster 1 to 9 Unlimited*
Supported Clouds
BareOS Ubuntu & CentOS Ubuntu & CentOS
AWS Yes Yes
Azure Yes Yes
Platform9 Managed Observability
Per Cluster Monitoring Yes Yes
Self-Service Alerting Coming Soon Coming Soon
Rule Customization Coming Soon Coming Soon
Platform9 Support
Access to Platform9 Support Not Available Available
Platform9 SLA No Yes
Platform9 Upgrades
PMK Upgrades Yes Yes
Kubernetes Upgrades Yes Yes
Integration with Platform9 Managed Bare Metal#
Integrated No Yes
BareMetal Cloud No Yes