Benefits of PMK

This article describes benefits of Platform9 Managed Kubernetes (PMK). For a full introduction to PMK, we recommend that you read What is PMK first, then read this article.

PMK is deployed using a unique and powerful Software-as-a-Service model, where a cloud hosted management plane remotely deploys, manages, monitors and upgrades your Kubernetes clusters, on-premises or in the public clouds. This architecture has many benefits. Including the following.

Single pane of glass visibility across bare metal infrastructure, private cloud or public cloud

PMK is designed to give you shared visibility and control of all of your Kubernetes clusters via a single pane of glass interface and a set of REST APIs. With PMK, you can run Kubernetes clusters on your bare metal linux servers, VMware, on-premises data centers across geographical regions, on any popular public cloud, or at an edge location. PMK self-service portal lets your organization standardize on a single self-service interface for your developers, DevOps, Platform ops and IT teams. IT and ops teams get to retain control by defining multi-tenancy, adding granular RBAC policies and visibility and security rules across your different Kubernetes clusters.

Pure upstream Kubernetes

PMK provides you access to pure upstream open source Kubernetes, without any modifications. PMK provides to you the ability to stay up to date with upstream Kubernetes versions by providing frequent upgrades to the latest versions of Kubernetes.

Multi-tenancy and access controls

PMK adds a layer of multi-tenancy above Kubernetes so that you can invite different teams of users within your organization to collaborate with each other using PMK. You can provide the right level of isolation across different teams and handle their individual requirements by utilizing the concept of Regions, Tenants and Cloud providers. This architecture allows Administrators to allocate the right amount of resources acorss private infrastructure or public clouds that their users can use to create or consume Kubernetes clusters. They can also define granular RBAC policies at Kubernetes cluster level to further govern access to individual clusters and associated resources.

24x7 Live monitoring and management of your Kubernetes clusters

One of the unique aspects of PMK is that the architecture includes a cloud hosted management plane that provides 24x7 continuous management of your on-prem or public cloud based Kubernetes deployment. This model enables you to effectively solve your day-2 operational challenges with Kubernetes by providing:

  • Guaranteed 99.9% uptime SLA for your Kubernetes clusters
  • Round the clock real-time monitoring and anomaly detection. Automated diagnostics, alerts, and troubleshooting
  • Zero-touch upgrades and security patches for Kubernetes clusters
  • 24×7 with proactive remediation with help from certified Kubernetes experts