Create ClusterRole

A ClusterRoleBinding binds users or groups of users to a ClusterRole that have been created for a cluster.

Follow the steps given below to create a ClusterRole through the Platform9 Clarity UI.

  1. Navigate to Kubernetes>RBAC>Cluster Role Bindings.
  2. Click New Cluster Role Binding. Add Role
  3. Enter the Name for the ClusterRoleBinding.
  4. Select the Cluster.
  5. Select the Cluster Role.
  6. Select the check boxes for the Users and/or Groups to which you wish to assign the Cluster Role.
  7. Click Create Cluster Role Binding.

The ClusterRoleBinding is created and is visible on the Platform9 Clarity UI under the list of existing ClusterRoleBindings.

Once a ClusterRoleBinding is created, the users or groups of users to whom the ClusterRole has been assigned are able to perform operations specified in the ClusterRole.