Add Amazon Web Services Cloud Provider

Before you can create a new cloud provider for Amazon Web Services (AWS) in Platform9 Managed Kubernetes (PMK), you must satisfy some prerequisites. Refer to AWS pre-requisites for more info.

Add AWS Cloud Provider

You must be an administrator to perform this operation within Platform9. Follow the steps given below to create a new AWS cloud provider.

  1. Navigate to Infrastructure>Cloud Providers>Add New Cloud Provider.
  2. Click Amazon Web Services under Cloud Provider Type.
  3. Enter the following AWS credentials.

    Field Description
    Name Name of your choice to be given to the cloud provider
    AWS Access Key ID Access Key ID provided by AWS
    AWS Secret Access Key Secret Access Key provided by AWS
  4. Click Save.

The AWS cloud provider is created successfully, and you are now ready to create Kubernetes clusters on the AWS cloud provider.

You can create multiple AWS cloud providers. For ease of debugging, we recommend that each cloud provider is created with unique credentials.