Building BareOS Clusters with the CLI

The Platform9 CLI pf9ctl provides an easy way to create and manage your BareOS Kubernetes clusters. The CLI lets you automate all aspects of the creation of highly available multi-master Kubernetes clusters using physical or virtual machines.

Using the CLI you can:

Advanced CLI Options

Not Seeing Any Nodes?

Use the CLI to Build a Cluster using the Platform9 Management Plane

To build a BareOS cluster from the Platform9 Management plane nodes must be connected and available. If no nodes are available, use the CLI prep-node command to complete the prerequisites and connect the node to Platform9.

Below are the steps to attach nodes to Platform9:

Image: BareOS Cluster Wizard with no Nodes Available

Use the CLI to Prep Nodes

To be able to create a cluster using the platform9 Management Plane each node must first be connected using the Platform9 CLI. The CLI is first installed, than used in the prep-node mode to install all prerequisites a then connect the node to Platform9.

Follow the steps below to use the PF9 CLI to connect nodes to the Platform9 Management Plane

  1. Download and install the CLI on each node of the Kubernetes cluster
    bash <(curl -sL
  2. When the installer starts enter your management plane URL and credentials
    • Example:
    • Enter your username and password
  3. When the installation is complete, run the PF9 CLI using ‘prep-node’ to attach the Node to the Platform9 Management plane
    pf9ctl cluster prep-node
  4. Once prep-node has been completed on each node return to the Platform9 Management Plane and complete the BareOS Create a Cluster Wizard to build your Kubernetes Cluster

Image: BareOS Cluster Wizard with Nodes Available**

CLI Hints

  • See Add/Remove for instructions on installing/updating/removing the CLI
  • See SSH Mode for instructions on how to use the CLI from remote servers to build clusters