How to Configure Etcd Backup

PMK is able to backup your Etcd key value store to help recover from unplanned cluster outages. To configure Etcd backup for a cluster, you need to first enable Etcd backup capability for that cluster during cluster creation process

Step 1.

Start the cluster creation wizard for BareOS, AWS or Azure.

Step 2.

Configure the Master nodes based on your cluster requirements and click next.

Step 3.

Configure the Worker nodes based on your workloads requirements and click next.

Step 4.

Setup the network configuration for the cluster and click next.

Step 5.

The advanced configuration step is where Etcd Backup is configured. On the screen ensure the Enable Etcd Backup checkbox is checked. Platform9 will pre-populate the backup location and set the backup interval, to override the default configuration set the following:

  • Storage Path
  • Backup Interval


Once set click next and complete the cluster creation.

Once the cluster has been provisioned Etcd Backups will be written to the specified location at the specified interval.

Enable/Disable & Edit Etcd Backup

If you have existing clusters without Etcd Backup or would like to edit an existing Etcd Backup configuration follow the steps below.

Step 1.

Navigate to the Infrastructure screen, select a cluster in the clusters table and click the edit button within the table toolbar.

Step 2

On the Edit Cluster page you can enable or disable Etcd Backup, update the storage path and change the Backup Interval. If Etcd Backup isn’t enabled check the Enable Etcd Backup this will reveal the Storage Path and Backup Interval fields.


Step 3.

Set the desired parameters for:

  • Storage Path
  • Backup Interval

Once the desired settings are in place click the Update Cluster button.