Getting Started

The list of prerequisites are grouped by product and deployment stages.

OpenStack on KVM

Platform9 architecture and deployment prerequisites

  1. Configuring Platform9 for production deployments.

OpenStack Network Configuration

These guides will help you build an understanding of networking terminology used within OpenStack, as well as networking functionality available within the platform.

  1. Neutron Networking - Basic Concepts.
  2. Configuring OpenStack networking for Linux/KVM.

Setting up Platform9 Managed OpenStack

This section walks through configuring and adding servers to your OpenStack environment.

  1. Initial configuration of CentOS/RHEL or Ubuntu server for Managed OpenStack.
  2. Preparing a CentOS, RHEL, or Ubuntu for Neutron networking.
  3. Authorizing hosts and configuring your OpenStack environment.
  4. Optional: Verifying Authenticity of RPM or Debian packages from Platform9 Installer.

OpenStack on VMware

  1. Platform9 VMware vSphere Prerequisites
  2. Connecting Platform9 to VMware vSphere.